10 Designer Fragrances That Smell "Niche" by 'Justin Copeland'

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In this video, Justin discusses the distinction between mainstream designer fragrances and niche fragrances, delving into the nuances that define them. He acknowledges that while some viewers might not see a clear divide, many are interested in exploring fragrances that go beyond the conventional and are willing to pay for uniqueness and quality. He mentions that he evaluates fragrances individually rather than categorizing entire brands as either designer or niche.

Justin highlights several fragrances from well-known designer brands that, in his opinion, possess niche-like qualities due to their distinctive and unconventional profiles. He introduces ten fragrances that exemplify this concept:

  1. Hermes H24 Eau de Parfum: Justin suggests that the metallic and mossy combination of this fragrance makes it unique and unconventional for a mainstream appeal, showcasing Hermes' willingness to explore new fragrance territories.

  2. Dior Homme Parfum: This fragrance is described as powdery, waxy Iris with leather and rose, combining sophistication and power, and appealing to a specific personality.

  3. Hermes L'Ombre Des Merveilles: An odd yet intriguing scent with tea, incense, tonka bean, and other elements, this fragrance paints a distinct and transportive olfactory picture, fitting the niche label.

  4. Hermes Terre d'Hermes Parfum: Marketed towards men, this fragrance's rich and refined combination of orange, wood, and spices gives it a niche-worthy identity.

  5. Tom Ford Ébène Fumé: Justin praises this scent's smoky, resinous, and warm profile, noting that its specificity lends it a niche-like personality.

  6. Tom Ford Beau de Jour: A modern twist on classic masculine fragrances, this scent aims to capture a gentleman's aura with a fougère-like profile.

  7. Tom Ford Black Orchid: Justin notes that the parfum iteration enhances the original Black Orchid's masculine aspect while toning down its unisex appeal. The fragrance carries a more pronounced earthy quality, leaning darker and featuring intensified truffle notes. He finds this scent incredible, suggesting it's best suited for nighttime wear in cooler weather.

  8. Tom Ford Noir EDP: Described as a melancholic and artistic fragrance with smoky rose and earthy patchouli, Noir stands out as a non-mainstream designer scent.


  9. Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme: A dark and distinctive blend of leather, wood, and medicinal notes, this fragrance exudes confidence and a unique presence.

  10. Cartier Declaration D'Un Soir: Featuring a masculine rose surrounded by spicy woods, this scent combines romance with backbone, making it more niche in its approach.

Throughout the video, Justin emphasizes that these fragrances may not appeal to a mass audience due to their specific and unconventional characteristics. He concludes by inviting viewers to share their thoughts on the topic and participate in the ongoing discussion about the intersection of designer and niche fragrances.


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