Five Warm and Seductive Coffee Fragrances for Men by 'Scents of Style for Men'

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In this video, Stuart from Scents of Style discusses five fragrances that feature coffee notes. Stuart starts by sharing his personal connection to coffee, having worked for a coffee company for five years, surrounded by the delightful aroma of coffee everywhere. He emphasizes that coffee has a pleasant smell, and he even received compliments from his wife on the scent of coffee on his leather jacket.

However, Stuart points out that in fragrances, the coffee note can be somewhat elusive, similar to boozy notes like rum or whiskey. Sometimes, the coffee note is distinct and clear, while at other times, it's more subtle and difficult to detect. Nonetheless, there are a couple of fragrances on his list where the coffee note remains consistent.

The first fragrance he mentions is Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren. Although this particular version has been discontinued, the Polo Red fragrance is quite similar. It features a coffee note combined with cranberry and ambers, with a touch of sweetness. Stuart describes how the coffee note in this fragrance became more pronounced after wearing it a few times, making it a pleasant and popular choice among many.

Next on the list is Rochas Man 1999 by Rochas, which features a cappuccino note rather than straight coffee. This sweet fragrance also includes vanilla and lavender. Stuart notes that the inspiration for this fragrance might have come from the success of Michael Jordan Legend, another sweet coffee-based fragrance released in the '90s.

Moving on, Stuart introduces Halloween Man X from the house of Halloween. This fragrance boasts a strong and consistent coffee note, complemented by Tonka and vanilla, making it less sweet than the previous Rochas Man. Interestingly, it also contains a subtle whiskey note, adding a slightly bitter aspect to the overall aroma, reminiscent of the realistic coffee smell he experienced from his coffee-stained leather jacket.

The fourth fragrance on Stuart's list is Salvatore Ferragamo's Uomo, referred to in the industry as a Tiramisu fragrance. Tiramisu is a coffee-flavored Italian dessert, and this fragrance captures that essence with a chocolatey gourmand vibe. While the coffee note is more subtle here, it still adds to the overall appeal of this beautiful fragrance.

Lastly, Stuart discusses Star Man Nebula from Fragrance World, a clone of the popular fragrance Pure Malt. While the coffee note in this fragrance is somewhat challenging to detect due to its inherent bitter and malty characteristics, Stuart insists that it is indeed present, though some may not perceive it as strongly.

Overall, Stuart presents a diverse range of coffee-based fragrances, from sweet and dessert-like to bitter and malty, each with its unique charm and appeal to those who appreciate the enticing scent of coffee.


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