10 Fragrances That Will Have You DROWNING In Compliments by 'Gents Scents'

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In this video, Ash presents a collection of 10 diverse fragrances that are sure to attract compliments. Here are his selections:

  1. Terra by Vince Camuto: Ash introduces a budget-friendly yet impressive fragrance. Terra boasts a pleather-covered bottle and resonates as a sweet, daytime or nighttime scent. Similar to Versace Eros, Terra exudes an addictive quality, with citrus top notes and Tonka in the dry-down. While its performance may not rival Eros, its affordability allows for generous application without hesitation.

  2. Sequoia by Comme des Garçons: Unconventional for compliments, this boozy and warm fall/winter fragrance captures attention. With a unique blend of spices and alcohol, Sequoia stands out among the masses.

  3. Cool Water Parfum by Davidoff: Ash discusses the transition of Cool Water Parfum from being initially pricey to more accessible. With only a four-note composition, it resonates similarly to popular fragrances like Dior Sauvage. As a daytime fragrance, Cool Water Parfum effectively leverages its familiar notes to yield compliments, especially when compared to its predecessors.

  4. Fusion d'Issey Extreme by Issey Miyake: A coconut-forward fragrance, the strong projection and unique blend of tropical sweetness and green notes make it an attention-grabbing summer fragrance. It offers a more pronounced push and coconut element compared to the original, providing an individualistic summer scent.

  5. Missoni Parfum Pour Homme by Missoni: Ash applauds Missoni Parfum for its rich, warm, and sweet stewed-fruit-like aroma. With a lavender, citrus, and ginger blend enriched by birch, Missoni Parfum serves as an ideal evening and fall/winter fragrance.

  6. Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci: Ash introduces Gucci Guilty Black as a versatile daytime fragrance, unlike the expectation set by its name and bottle design. Despite its simplicity and cleanliness, the green and sweet elements of this scent make it a compelling option for daily wear, aligning well with the resurgence of green fragrances.

  7. Costume National Homme Parfum by Costume National: Highlighting the stewed-fruit sweetness, this fall/winter fragrance showcases notes of Tonka, leather, and lavender. With a potential for both daytime and evening use, it stands as an underappreciated gem.

  8. Le Male Elixir Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier: This new variant, boasting the Le Male DNA, stands as an excellent all-rounder, with a cleaner, deeper, and warmer composition that effectively garners attention.

  9. Riflesso by Trussardi: An inexpensive alternative to other popular fragrances. Capturing attention with a Tonka, leather, lavender and apple, this versatile fragrance serves as a great evening and date night option.

  10. Royal Vintage by M. Micallef: With distinct notes of bergamot and cypress, it presents a unique twist on the Aventus concept. Although not an exact clone, this fragrance offers an alternative green and woody vibe.

In this comprehensive video, Ash showcases a variety of fragrances that can attract compliments and work out in different settings. His insightful summaries help viewers understand the uniqueness of each fragrance and its potential to capture attention.


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