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In this video, Benoit discusses what fragrance to wear for a business meeting. He starts by mentioning that there are five categories of fragrances, and one of them is the business fragrance experience. For men's fragrances, there are two important factors to consider: masculinity and elegance. A good business fragrance should either be manly, with notes like wood, leather, or gasoline, or elegant, with notes like lavender or iris. Ideally, it should possess both qualities. Benoit emphasizes that the choice of fragrance ultimately depends on personal preference.

One type of fragrance that Benoit suggests for a business meeting is a barbershop fragrance. It is an everyday fragrance with an elegant twist, different from typical soapy or sweet scents. A barbershop fragrance is versatile and suitable for any business setting. Another suitable option is an old-school fragrance, reminiscent of scents from the 70s or 80s. Classic fragrances that have stood the test of time convey a sense of sophistication and masculinity, making them ideal for business meetings.

Benoit mentions that fragrances with leather, tobacco, lavender, or lentil notes can also be suitable for a business setting. For those looking for a more modern option, there are contemporary fragrances that incorporate masculine or elegant elements. Ultimately, a fragrance that exudes masculinity or elegance, or a combination of both, is ideal for a business meeting. 

In conclusion, Benoit advises wearing a fragrance that portrays strength, power, and elegance for a business meeting. He suggests options like barbershop fragrances, old-school scents, or modern fragrances with masculine or elegant elements. The choice of fragrance should reflect personal taste and make the wearer feel confident and capable


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