8 Fragrances That Smell WAY Pricier Than They Cost by 'Justin Copeland'

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In this video, Justin starts by clarifying that the title may have led viewers to expect something different. Instead of focusing solely on cheap fragrances, the video aims to present affordable fragrances that smell more expensive than their cost suggests. Justin emphasizes that the fragrances discussed have high-quality blends and scent profiles that surpass their price tags.

The first fragrance mentioned is Oud Touch from the house of Franck Olivier, which Justin describes as a beautiful and mind-blowingly cheap clone of Dior's Oud Ispahan. It combines notes of wood, incense, resin, and a touch of caramel to create an elegant and luxurious scent.

Next is Kenzo Homme EDP, an interesting mainstream aquatic fragrance with leathery and smoky suede undertones. It offers a unique fruity depth combined with marine-like saltiness, making it suitable for summer.

Pasha de Cartier EDT is highlighted as an old-school fougère fragrance that exudes sophistication and cleanliness. With lavender, creamy woods, and a mossy and woody feel, it is considered a refined and high-quality fragrance at an affordable price.

Essential Parfums Bois impérial by Quentin Bisch, is described as a clean, slightly spicy, and fresh fragrance with dry woods and herbal undertones. Despite being from a niche brand, it can be found for under $100 and is praised for its great quality.

Untamed Perfumes Salish Sea is mentioned as a slightly more expensive fragrance but still worth considering. It captures the scent of a sunset on a Mediterranean beach, with notes of saltwater, white florals, and a grassy and herbaceous freshness.

Heritage EDT from Guerlain is introduced as an ambery fougère fragrance that may appeal to those with a more mature taste. It blends barbershop lavender, a creamy and sweet woody base, and a touch of spice to create a refined and sophisticated scent.

Patchouli Intense from Parfums de Nicolai is a unique fragrance that combines clean and earthy patchouli notes with fresh geranium and lavender. It has a warm and spicy base of vanilla and sandalwood, offering a robust and distinctive scent.

Finally, Ombre Noire from Lalique is mentioned as a special fragrance that showcases the brand's unique approach to perfumery. It combines warm, boozy, and spicy notes with a touch of freshness, creating an evening scent with tropical vibes and a grounding of cinnamon and woods.


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