How to Apply Your Fragrance by 'Justin Copeland'

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In this video, Justin shares his approach to applying fragrances based on three key criteria: scent character and concentration, occasion, and weather conditions. He begins by considering the fragrance's strength and character, determining whether it is a rich, thick scent or a lighter, aromatic one. For fragrances with weak performance in warm weather, he applies them liberally, using up to four sprays on his chest and clothes for outdoor use, and fewer for indoor settings.

On the other hand, if the fragrance has excellent performance in warm weather, Justin exercises caution and applies one to one and a half sprays on his neck and clothes for both indoor and outdoor occasions. For fragrances with strong performance in cool weather, he uses three to four sprays at most, placing them behind each ear and on his chest for indoor use. If he plans to be outdoors, he adds another spray on his neck to enhance projection.

Finally, Justin discusses fragrances with weak performance in cool weather, and suggests  applying one spray behind each ear, one on the neck, and one on the chest for indoor use. For outdoor use, he would add an additional spray on each side of the neck to boost projection and longevity. Overall, he emphasizes the importance of considering the fragrance's performance in different conditions and adapting the number and location of sprays accordingly to achieve the desired scent projection and longevity.


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