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In this fragrance review, Benoît emphasizes the importance of choosing a fragrance based on your personality and the image you want to project. He advises having a plan of action and determining the type of image you wish to convey before selecting a fragrance. The fragrance should align with your personality and the different settings you find yourself in, whether it's work, parties, or other activities.

To pick the right fragrance, Benoît suggests considering the fragrance notes or families that best suit your personality. For example, if you prefer a sweet scent for clubbing, or a fresh and clean fragrance for a more serious work environment, you can select fragrances accordingly. Leather notes, for instance, can be a unique way to express yourself through fragrance.

Trying the fragrance is crucial before making a decision. Benoît recommends getting samples or trying the fragrance on your skin to see how it reacts throughout the day. Seeking feedback from friends, colleagues, or your partner can provide valuable insights into how the fragrance projects your personality. It's important to keep in mind that finding the right fragrance is a process, so don't limit yourself to just one option. Explore multiple fragrances and continuously update your collection to suit your evolving taste and style.

In conclusion, Benoît advises against settling for just one fragrance and encourages ongoing exploration and discovery. Your personality and style may change over time, so it's essential to adapt your fragrance choices accordingly. By knowing what suits you and continuously exploring new options, you can find the perfect fragrance that aligns with your personality and preferences.


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