Ten Fragrances for Serious Collectors by 'Scents of Style for Men'

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In this video, Stuart presents his top 10 fragrances for serious collectors. He acknowledges that fragrance collecting can be seen as expensive and addictive, but believes it to be a healthy and artistic hobby compared to others. Stuart emphasizes that fragrances are an art form and can be shared with others, reflecting one's taste and sophistication.

Stuart begins his fragrance recommendations with Serge Lutens Chergui, which he recently acquired a full bottle of after having a travel spray for three years. He describes it as a beautiful sweet tobacco fragrance with a unique earthy twist, highlighting his knowledge of niche fragrances. Next, he discusses the value of vintage fragrances and shares his experience with Givenchy Gentleman, a fragrance from the 1970s that has aged gracefully and become a masterpiece over time.

He then mentions the importance of having something unique in a fragrance collection, introducing Toy Boy by Moschino, a strange and unconventional rose fragrance that challenged his initial perception but expanded his horizons. Stuart also emphasizes the significance of owning a fragrance from Chanel, showcasing Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme as his favorite from the brand, blending citrus, tonka bean, and mint.

Moving on to Dior, Stuart presents Dior Fahrenheit Parfum as a noteworthy addition to a collection due to its vanilla and rum notes, which sweeten the iconic Fahrenheit DNA. He emphasizes the accessibility and quality of Amouage Reflection Man, a white floral and sandalwood fragrance that he patiently waited to purchase. Stuart further recommends having a fragrance from Hermès, the  Eau de Narcisse Bleu is known for its minimalist and unique compositions, and introduces Odin Osisi as an example of the brand's unconventional approach.

Stuart adds a personal touch by discussing Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and its historical significance in popularizing sweet fragrances for men. He also suggests including discontinued fragrances in a collection, showcasing a willingness to explore rare finds. Lastly, Stuart mentions the absence of a Creed fragrance in his collection, though he owns travel sprays of Green Irish Tweed and expresses his aspiration to eventually acquire a full bottle.

In conclusion, Stuart shares his fragrance recommendations for serious collectors, highlighting their uniqueness, historical significance, and personal value. 


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