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In this video by Willow, the focus is on extending the longevity of fragrances in humid weather conditions. Willow, who resides in a very humid climate, acknowledges the challenge of preserving fragrance under such conditions - despite the heat's tendency to degrade fragrances, there are several strategies you can employ to optimize the lifespan of your fragrance.

One crucial initial step, regardless of weather, is to apply a layer of lotion or oil to the skin before the fragrance. This foundational layer aids in better fragrance adhesion and persistence on the skin. Willow explains that this step is particularly important for humid weather, as fragrances tend to dissipate more rapidly when applied directly to bare skin.

In humid climates, lighter and fresher fragrances are recommended due to their compatibility with the environment. However, these fragrances often have shorter lifespans due to their delicate notes. Willow suggests a clever approach: selecting fragrances that combine lighter top and middle notes with more substantial base notes like wood or musk. This balance enhances the fragrance's staying power, allowing it to resist evaporation and cling to the skin longer.

Furthermore, Willow emphasizes the significance of fragrance concentration. Higher concentrations, such as eau de parfum or extrait de parfum, are preferable in humid weather. She cautions against lower concentration options, like eau de cologne, which might not last as long in such conditions.

For optimal application, Willow recommends focusing on pulse points—warmer areas of the body where the fragrance can interact with the skin's heat, enhancing its diffusion and longevity. These areas include the neck, wrists, and possibly the inside of the elbows.

To combat the challenges of humid weather, she advocates sealing in the fragrance with a protective layer before stepping outside. This can be achieved through the application of a body spray or a lighter concentration of the fragrance, like eau de toilette. This protective layer shields the fragrance molecules from rapid dissipation caused by humidity.

Willow concludes by acknowledging that while these tips won't make fragrances invincible in humid conditions, they will certainly enhance the fragrance's resilience and longevity. By following these guidelines, individuals can enjoy the aromatic beauty of their favorite scents for longer periods, even in challenging weather conditions.


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