Some Fantastic New & Classic Fragrances Featuring the Note of Blueberry by 'The Perfume Nest'

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In this video, Chris welcomes viewers back to her channel and begins discussing various fragrances centered around the note of blueberry. She's outside by the pool, wearing sunglasses and making the most of natural sunlight. Chris mentions her plans to review different single-note perfumes, and she conducted a survey about which notes to cover in upcoming videos.

She delves into blueberry fragrances, expressing her fascination with them this year. She reveals her excitement about reviewing these perfumes and the ones she's collected. Chris showcases around 10 to 12 blueberry-centric fragrances, mentioning both her loves and the ones that might not stay in her collection.

The first fragrance she discusses is "Tonkazure" by Pearlescent Parfums, which combines blueberry, black currant, champagne, and rose water notes, creating a bright and fresh scent with a champagne touch. Chris moves on to "Sugarful Dreams" by Michel Germain, a flanker of a cotton candy fragrance, explaining that it's a fresh blueberry take on the original.

She covers "Deep N Desire Yacht" by EBK, a highly-rated gourmand blueberry fragrance, describing it as a juicy blueberry muffin combined with hazelnut, chocolate, and tobacco notes. Chris also talks about "Crumb Couture" by Snif, emphasizing its incredible gourmand qualities, describing it as a buttery, decadent blueberry compote croissant.

Next is "1900 L'Heure De Proust" by Les Bains Guerbois, It emits the aroma of a crystalline blueberry tea, resembling a refreshing and sparkling ice-cold drink. The scent incorporates notes of pomelo, which adds an apple and grapefruit essence to the blueberry tea. This fragrance is considered unisex and is praised for its fantastic blend of blueberry notes and other elements.

She continues with "Blueberry" by Demeter, Chris describes it as a scent that falls between a blueberry muffin and blueberry chewing gum, with a sweet and gourmand character. She notes the pleasant powdery sweetness that emerges in the dry down.Chris suggests that this fragrance could serve as a fantastic layering option, especially if you want to introduce a blueberry element to your existing perfumes.

Chris discusses fragrances that lean more towards the floral side with blueberry notes, mentioning "Amethyst" by Lalique, a dark berry fragrance with a blueberry component. She covers "Bleeker Street" by Bond No 9, explaining that while it has blueberry notes, it's more of an aquatic fragrance. Chris mentions "Ego Stratus" by Juliette Has A Gun, describing it as a fresh, unisex aquatic scent with a blueberry undertone.

Next she talks about "Blubijou" by Piotr Czarnecki,described as having blueberry, a hint of booziness, and some chocolate notes. Contrary to her initial expectations, the scent does not match the anticipated notes. Instead, she perceive it as a blend of cantaloupe melon, blueberry, and chocolate. Chris acknowledges that this fragrance might be intriguing to others and wanted to bring it up.

She briefly touches on a fragrance she won't be purchasing, "Poets of Berlin" by Vilhelm Parfumerie which didn't work for her. Chris then moves on to her collection of blueberry-themed body products, and concludes the video.


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