Vanilla Fragrances for Every Occasion by 'Eau D' Erica'

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In this video, Erica shares her enthusiasm for vanilla-dominant perfumes, which she considers one of her favorite categories to wear. She emphasizes the femininity, coziness, and comfort that vanilla scents bring, making them ideal fragrances for various occasions.

She begins by discussing "Note Vanillee" from the house of M. Micallef, which she received as a surprise package. She describes it as an elegant and elevated vanilla with powdery and velvety characteristics, complemented by white florals, Mandarin orange, and a creamy ambery base with a hint of rum.

Next, Erica talks about "Infinite Sky" by Estee Lauder, a hidden gem she found at a Cosmetic Company Store. This fresh and spicy vanilla scent features Sichuan pepper, Madagascan vanilla, and Leatherwood, making it bright and addictive.

She then mentions "Vanille Fatale" by Tom Ford, a blind buy and one of her all-time favorite vanillas. This fragrance combines notes of rum, myrrh, olibanum, saffron, coriander, coffee, plum, florals, and a dark, Femme Fatale accent, creating an irresistible and addictive scent.

Moving on, Erica introduces "Vanilla 28" by Kayali, an affordable and easily accessible option. This sugary sweet vanilla includes a brown sugar note, tonka bean, amberwood, musk, and patchouli, making it suitable for casual or cozy wear.

Erica then discusses "Mont Blanc Signature" another affordable gem, offering a creamy vanilla with a tropical vibe. With notes of magnolia, ylang-ylang, citrus, and sweet clementine, it's the perfect vanilla scent for summer and everyday wear.

She proceeds to talk about "Babycat" by Yves Saint Laurent [YSL], a spicy, warm, and boozy vanilla fragrance with a suede undertone. This versatile scent works well for formal occasions and receives compliments from both men and women.

Next, Erica introduces "Vanilla Woods" by The 7 Virtues, a clean brand option with a milky and sugary vanilla base, complemented by white peach and caramel notes. This fragrance is great for casual wear and provides a cozy feeling.

She continues with "Via Cavour 1" by Xerjoff, an ultimate gourmand and sexy vanilla fragrance featuring notes of chocolate, white peach, Patchouli, and vanilla. Erica considers this one of her top perfumes for life and suitable for both men and women.

Moving on, Erica discusses "Blanche Bete" by Liquides Imaginaires, a unique lactonic and milky vanilla with musk, florals, and incense. It exudes luxury, coziness, and a feminine allure.

Finally, she concludes with "Plum In Cognac" by Scent of Wood, a smoky vanilla scent with plum, Cognac, cinnamon, Peru Balsam, Haitian vetiver, Immortal labrinum, and osmanthus. This fragrance is perfect for the holiday season and winter.


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