The Best MUSK Fragrances for Men & Women by 'Anne Lauren'

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In this video, Anna discusses her favorite musk fragrances, highlighting their diverse characteristics and the wide range of musk notes available. She starts by emphasizing that not all musks are the same, ranging from dirty animalic to clean and inviting fragrances. Anna mentions that her mother dislikes musk, but she personally enjoys clean white musks.

Anna's first favorite musk prominent fragrance is Clean Reserve Skin. She describes it as warm, fresh, and inoffensive, perfect for anyone looking for a "your skin but better" scent. She mentions the prominent notes of vanilla orchid, salted praline, and white musk.

Next, Anna introduces Lake & Skye 11 11, available in various formulas, including a body oil. This fragrance has a similar profile to Clean Reserve Skin but with a more airy quality and better longevity when layered with other scents.

She then talks about Le Labo Another 13, a popular and unisex musk fragrance. With notes of ambrette, iso e super, and a clean and crisp vibe, this scent has excellent projection and longevity, making it a great choice year-round.

Anna praises the scent Rania J Musc Moschus, comparing it to Initio's Musk Therapy but at a more affordable price point. It has a creamy and powdery musk with a touch of sweetness and a hint of blackcurrant and vanilla. As it ages, the scent transforms into a rich, sweet, and jammy musk fragrance.

She also recommends Floral Street Arizona Bloom as a more affordable alternative to Le Labo Another 13. This summery fragrance features a prominent fresh coconut note, making it perfect for warm weather.

Anna raves about Eau d’ Italie Morn to Dusk, describing it as a whimsical, powdery vanilla musk scent with a Sugar Plum Fairy vibe. Although it's a Gourmand, it remains light and airy, making it suitable for warm weather. However, it requires overspraying to maintain longevity.

Lastly, she mentions Rosendo Mateu No 5, an exotic, sensual musk fragrance with notes of saffron, vanilla, and amber. It has an intense projection and lasting power, making it a love-it-or-hate-it fragrance.

Anna concludes by mentioning Parle Moi de Parfum Milky Musk 39 as her current favorite scent. It features a creamy musk and sandalwood combination with subtle sweetness and natural woody undertones. The scent has moderate projection and is suitable for everyday wear in various seasons.

Throughout the video, Anna emphasizes the unique characteristics of each musk fragrance and recommends them based on personal preferences and the occasion.


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