9 Perfumes I'm Currently OBSESSED WITH by 'The Scented'

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In this video, Yana shares her most-worn fragrances that she has recently discovered. As a fragrance reviewer, she constantly tests different scents, but she sometimes forgets about her favorite ones. She begins by mentioning "Lord of Misrule" by Lush, a comforting and unisex fragrance with notes of sweet Patchouli, vanilla, and black pepper, perfect for evenings or cooler days.

Next is "Psychedelic Love" by Initio Parfums Prives, Yana's favorite ambery and vanillic scent, with heliotrope and helium notes that trigger pleasure receptors in the brain. She loves its powdery and intoxicating aroma and appreciates the absence of a heavy sweet rose note.

She then introduces "Haze" by Akro, a unique fragrance that aims to capture the scent of cannabis but instead smells like fresh buds and sage. It's become her go-to daytime scent for elegant and cloudy days.

The next fragrance is "Nuit et Confidences" by Goutal, a vanilla and incense scent with notes of pepper and Tonka. Yana compares it to "Cheirosa '40" by Sol de Janeiro though this one is more refined and elegant.

The Un Jardin à Cythère by Hermès comes next. It's a fresh scent with a green, herbaceous facet from olive tree leaves and creamy pistachio notes. Yana loves this perfume and considers it the best of the 2023 releases.

She then mentions a discontinued fragrance called "Salty Flower" by Viktor&Rolf's magic collection. It's a refined and sunny scent reminiscent of a seaside vacation, and Yana enjoys wearing it on warm and sunny days.

Another happy and uplifting fragrance she mentions is "Tender Light" by Estee Lauder, It's a tea and iris scent with a powdery and elegant touch, perfect for summer and with excellent performance.

Next, she talks about "Twist" by Miu Miu a peppery fragrance with apple blossom notes. Yana gets a lot of compliments when wearing this scent, and it's an affordable alternative for the "Bal d'Afrique" by Byredo fragrance, which she also loves.

Lastly, it's the "Tres Chère" by Mizensir, a chic and delicate vanilla scent with sea notes and a hint of orange blossom. Yana expects this to be one of her most-worn fragrances during the summer, especially for dressed-up occasions.

In conclusion, Yana shares her most-worn fragrances, discussing their unique characteristics and why she enjoys wearing them.


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