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In this video, Hayley shares her honeymoon experience in Mauritius. She begins by mentioning that she brought along various fragrances for her vacation. The first fragrance she chose was "Ylang in Gold" by Micallef, which she describes as a tropical yellow floral with fruity nuances. She wore it to dinner and finds it perfect for a tropical island. The second fragrance is "Mango Skin" by Vilhelm, a fruity scent that she finds fun and uplifting, perfect for a tropical vacation. She also brought the "Seville Orange" by Nest perfume oil, which she considers a great layering option for beachy or floral fragrances.

Hayley's most-worn fragrance during her honeymoon is "Musk Therapy" by Initio. Despite not being typically associated with beach or vacation scents, she finds it clean, fresh, and perfectly balanced. She appreciates its versatility and clean girl aesthetic. Another fragrance she brought is "Cardamom Moss" by Experimental Perfume Club. She packed it specifically for her husband as they both love it. It is a fresh, aromatic fragrance with notes of cardamom and moss.

Lastly, Hayley received a package from My Perfect Scent, a UK retailer of hard-to-find niche brands. She shares several samples she received and plans to sample and review these fragrances in the future.

Throughout the video, Hayley includes clips of her honeymoon experience in Mauritius.She expresses her love for the privacy and tranquility of the hotel, and she recommends Mauritius as a honeymoon destination.

In conclusion, Hayley shares her fragrance choices for her honeymoon in Mauritius and provides insights into each scent. She also gives a glimpse into her vacation experiences, highlighting the stunning scenery and activities she enjoyed. 


Link to the YouTube channel - Hayley Clough
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