Unfiltered Opinions on Popular Fragrances by 'Anne Lauren'

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In this video, Anna provides her unfiltered opinions on several fragrances. She begins by reviewing Miu Miu Fleur de Lait, which contains notes of mango, osmanthus, and coconut milk. Anna finds the opening slightly sour and off, but in the dry down, it becomes generic and perfumey.

Next, she discusses Mind Games Caissa, mentioning that it has been receiving a lot of attention on social media. However, Anna is not a fan, as she perceives a musky scent that doesn't appeal to her. She also mentions that the presence of mature white florals and the note ambrosanide doesn't work for her.

Anna then moves on to two fragrances from the brand Masque Milano. Lost Alice , which is often compared to a carrot cake with milk tea. While she likes it more than expected, the milkiness doesn't suit her personal taste. She also mentions Madeleine, describing it as a chestnut vanillic whipped cream fragrance that might appeal to those who enjoy nutty and milky scents.

The next fragrance is Miller Harris Scherzo, a rose fragrance that Anna dislikes. She finds it to be a dark, mature rose with oud and patchouli, and it lacks the sweet quality she was hoping for. Despite its popularity, it's not a fragrance she enjoys.

Anna then mentions the new fragrance Note Vanillee Nectar from the brand Micallef She prefers the original Note, as the Nectar version has a more floral and slightly soapy feel. The original Note, on the other hand, has a cozy and addictive scent with more vanilla and a likable boozy note.

Moving on, she talks about Glamour, a fragrance that is often compared to Mugler's Alien. While she is not a fan of Alien, she appreciates that Glamour has a less sharp jasmine note. It also has additional facets like plum and spices, making it a more elevated and appealing option for her.

Anna then discusses MDCI Peche Cardinal, which she considers the second-best peach fragrance she has encountered. While she loves the true peach scent, she wishes for more complexity and finds the fragrance slightly overpriced.

Next, she reviews Montblanc Signature, a perfume that gives her similar vibes to Prada Le Femme. She mainly detects vanilla and ylang-ylang, and she describes it as a creamy, sweetened floral scent. While she acknowledges its loveliness, it's not a fragrance she would actively reach for.

Anna proceeds to mention a couple of fragrances from the house of Matiere Premiere. The first is called "Santal Austral" which features sandalwood as a prominent note. However, she finds it sharp and sour on her skin, which disappoints her since she loves all the listed notes.

She then talks about two more fragrances from Matiere Premiere. Encens Suave, which she describes as a warm, ambery, and resinous fragrance with a heavy vanilla and a dark note. The second is Parisian Musc, which she finds fresh and musky, with a beautiful fig note.

Moving on to Maison Francis Kurkdjian (MFK), Anna reviews several fragrances. She starts with Amyris Femme, a fragrance that doesn't impress her and reminds her of a mature, vintage perfume. She finds it average and not worth the price.

She then discusses 724, a clean and soapy scent that contains sweet florals and musk. While she doesn't dislike it, she believes it's overpriced for the profile it offers. She also reviews Oud Satin Mood, which she can't appreciate due to its mature and intense dry rose and oud combination.

Anna mentions Gentle Fluidity Gold, a fragrance that reminds her of Montale Intense Cafe. It has a warm, ambery, and resinous profile, and she acknowledges its popularity, though she finds it too intense and headache-inducing.

She moves on to Tonka Cola from Mancera, her favorite fragrance from the brand. It's a spicy cherry cola scent with cinnamon and warm, ambery notes. While she doesn't feel the urge to buy a bottle, she considers it good and plans to revisit it.

Instant Crush is often compared to Baccarat Rouge 540, but to Anna, it feels notably different. While it has an airy saffron sweetness, it comes across as darker and more weighted than Baccarat Rouge 540, which is known for its airy and cotton candy-like quality. Instant Crush has added sweetness from vanilla, a citrusy touch, and a subtle floral presence. Anna also detects the signature synthetic and distinct Mancera Montale DNA in the fragrance, giving it a fizzy and fuzzy quality, reminiscent of ginger ale. It has a unique appeal but can be overwhelming and potentially induce headaches

Lastly, Anna reviews Mancera Holidays, a tropical fragrance that embodies the typical summery scent category. It has coconut, vanilla, and ylang-ylang notes, and she finds it pleasant and reminiscent of nostalgic summers. She also notes Mancera's strong performance.

In conclusion, Anna provides her unfiltered opinions on various fragrances, discussing their scent profiles, her personal preferences, and the overall quality. She emphasizes that these are her own subjective experiences and encourages everyone to form their own opinions.


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