Vanilla Perfumes for the Summer by 'The Perfume Nest'

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In this video, Chris shares her favorite vanilla fragrances that are suitable for the warmer months. she begin by emphasizing that vanilla is not just for the colder months and that there are many beautiful vanilla-based fragrances perfect for summer. Chris mentions that she has a collection of 10 or 11 vanilla fragrances to share but clarifies that it is not an exhaustive list.

The first fragrance Chris talks about is Alien Goddess by Mugler, a surprise favorite since she typically don't enjoy the original Alien fragrance. Alien Goddess is described as a salty vanilla with hints of coconut water, giving it a fresh and bright quality. Chris finds it work-appropriate and loves how it smells on her skin.

Next, Chris introduces World Power by Kenzo, a budget-friendly vanilla fragrance that combines salty cypress and sea vanilla. The syrupy sweetness of vanilla is balanced by the fresh evergreen notes, giving it a unique character. Despite being an eau de toilette, the fragrance has strong longevity.

Chris then discusses Guimauve de Noel by Parle Moi de Parfum, an orange blossom vanilla marshmallow fragrance that she enjoy wearing year-round. In the summertime, it transforms into a scent reminiscent of orange popsicles or creamsicles. She compare it to Love Don't Be Shy, noting that Game of the Noel is lighter and less fruity.

Moving on to budget-friendly options, Chris mentions Vanille by Outremer, a linear vanilla fragrance with vanilla and cotton candy notes. Surprisingly strong for an eau de toilette, it has received compliments even hours after application. Chris appreciates its affordability and suggests exploring more fragrances from this house.

The video then shifts to woody vanillas, which are usually associated with colder months but can also be worn in summer. Chris starts by highlighting The The Architect's Club by Arquiste, a light and universally appealing aromatic woody vanilla with lemon and Angelica notes. It is considered a work-appropriate fragrance.

Commodity Gold is another woody vanilla fragrance discussed. Chris compares it to Gypsy Water, noting its prominent juniper note and ambery vanilla dry down. The fragrance is work-appropriate and lasts all day with a small scent bubble.

The last woody vanilla mentioned is Commodity Gold (Personal), which differs from the previous version in terms of wear and preference. This fragrance contains vanilla and ISO E-Super, giving it a light, molecular vanilla scent with hints of cedar shavings. Chris finds it suitable for hot weather and work environments.

Chris moves on to Vanille de Tahiti by Perris Monte Carlo, a combination of sweet, gourmand, milky vanilla and tropical flowers like ylang-ylang and champaka. She personally don't detect the potential animalic quality that others mention and find it a heady, rich tropical vanilla perfect for hot weather.

Acqua e Zucchero by Parfumum Roma is an unexpected choice for summer due to its sweetness. However, Chris was pleasantly surprised by its non-suffocating nature and found it wearable even on sweltering hot days in Italy. It is described as a sweet syrupy fruity vanilla with citrus notes.

Vaniglia del Madagascar is a light-wearing vanilla fragrance with whipped cream and subtle floral notes. Chris enjoys its sweet, creamy, and eggy character, considering it suitable for hot weather but not for colder months.

The final fragrance discussed is Tiramisu by Tuttotondo, a very sweet and gourmand vanilla that is best worn at night. It features notes of cacao butter, milk cream, tiramisu, and vanilla. Chris recommends it for those who love gourmand fragrances and finds it a lovely indulgence during summer nights.


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