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In this video, Yana shares her favorite intoxicating fragrances from the designer category. She starts with the newly released Lancome La Vie est Belle Iris Absolu. Yana finds this to be beautiful, with a lovely lipsticky Iris in the opening and a sprinkle of Iris in the dry down. It leaves a noticeable scent trail and is recommended for those who enjoy sweet fragrances.

Next, she mentions Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose as one of her personal all-time favorite designer fragrances. It leaves a beautiful trail and receives many compliments when she wears it. Yana suggests trying different spraying techniques, such as spraying on clothing or layering it with an unscented moisturizer, for better performance.

Yana then introduces the cult classic, Prada Candy. Despite the misleading name, it is not overly sweet but rather powdery and caramel-like. She recommends giving it a try, especially if you enjoy Chanel fragrances. It offers great value for its price and leaves a gorgeous and intoxicating trail.

Gucci Rush is mentioned as a polarizing fragrance that some people claim doesn't work on their skin due to its patchouli note. However, Yana finds it beautiful and intoxicating, describing it as a plasticky Peach gummy scent. It is a fun and sexy fragrance suitable for parties or summer events.

Moving on, Yana talks about Paco Rabanne's Olympia, a vanilla scent with salty white florals and caramel notes. It is described as a super sexy fragrance that is best worn on cooler summer days. 

She then discusses Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Poudree, a sweet powdery fragrance that she instantly fell in love with. It is comforting and musky but should be sprayed with caution to avoid a headache. This fragrance is for elegant, mature women who appreciate captivating scents.

Dior Addict EDP is mentioned as one of Yana's absolute favorites, with a mostly vanilla and Tonka bean composition. It is a strong fragrance that leaves a huge cloud and is long-lasting. Yana advises spraying only a maximum of two sprays to avoid overpowering the senses.

Yana briefly mentions Guerlain Mon Guerlain EDP as a lavender and vanilla fragrance that is feminine, comforting, and long-lasting. It stands out among typical designer fragrances and has a special and noticeable quality.

Finally, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle is highlighted as a well-known, popular fragrance that guarantees compliments. It is a citrusy, rosy, and patchouli scent suitable for those who are new to the fragrance world. It is long-lasting, especially on fabric.


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