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In this video, Hayley introduces her selection of minimalistic chic and clean aesthetic fragrances. She emphasizes that minimalistic fragrances evoke a sense of elegance and understatement, making them perfect for those who appreciate a clean and cool girl aesthetic. Hayley starts with her first recommendation, Matiere Premiere - Parisian Musc. She describes it as the epitome of minimalistic fragrance, combining notes of cedar, ambrette, and musk, creating a beautiful and natural scent that she loves wearing all year round.

Moving on to her next pick, Byredo - Mojave Ghost, Hayley highlights its fitting contribution to the minimalistic vibe. She characterizes it as an understated and everyday fragrance, featuring woody, violet, and magnolia notes with a hint of ambergris. Mojave Ghost offers a "skin, but better" experience, providing a fresh and clean scent without being overpowering.

Hayley then introduces Xerjoff - Apollonia, a white floral musk fragrance that exudes sexiness and allure. She describes it as a musky fragrance with dominant floral notes, particularly white florals that give it a creamy and elegant touch. Apollonia is considered an understated and minimalistic scent, making it highly likable and versatile.

The next fragrance Hayley recommends is Mizensir - Musc Eternal. She praises the brand's minimalistic approach and describes Musk Eternal as a unique and luxurious fragrance with musk, iris, and tonka bean notes. This fragrance offers a clean and powdery scent reminiscent of a high-quality body cream, creating a subtle and elegant aura.

Le Labo - Another 13 is another must-mention fragrance for Hayley. She considers it the ultimate minimalistic fragrance that suits any occasion and season. Another 13 combines apple, pear, moss, jasmine, and ambergris notes, creating a clean, woody, and natural scent. While it projects strongly, Hayley notes that it tends to become anosmic to her, making it a scent that others can appreciate more.

Lastly, Hayley recommends Initio - Musk Therapy as the ultimate minimalistic scent. She praises its clean, cool, and fresh character, perfect for various occasions. Musk Therapy combines black currant, mandarin, bergamot, magnolia, white sandalwood, and hedione notes, resulting in a fruity, musky, and likable fragrance suitable for both men and women.

To conclude her video, Hayley mentions L'Orchestre Parfums - Rose Trombone as a slightly different recommendation. She describes it as a sweet and feminine fragrance, featuring juicy pear, powdered rose, and musk notes. With hints of rum, sandalwood, and vanilla in the base, Rose Trombone offers a minimalistic scent with a touch of sweetness.

Hayley acknowledges that there are many more fragrances that could have been included in her recommendations but chose to keep her list concise.


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