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 In the video, Willow discusses effective ways to prevent fragrances from fading quickly. She acknowledges that certain fragrances naturally have shorter durations due to their low perfume oil content and advises managing expectations accordingly. Fragrances with higher concentrations and heavier, longer-lasting notes such as wood, musk, spice, leather, and tobacco tend to last longer. Willow suggests several techniques to enhance the longevity of fragrances.

Firstly, she recommends applying the fragrance immediately after showering when the open pores allow for better absorption into the skin. However, individuals with sensitive or dry skin should exercise caution due to the high alcohol content of perfumes. Secondly, Willow suggests applying lotion before the fragrance as it provides a sticky foundation for the fragrance molecules to adhere to, thus prolonging the scent. Additionally, she highlights the effectiveness of spraying fragrances on clothes, as the fibers absorb the scent, ensuring it lasts longer. Applying fragrances to the hair is another option, though Willow personally finds applying to clothes more effective.

Willow advises against rubbing the fragrance on the wrists, as it diminishes the scent's longevity. Instead, she recommends spraying and leaving the fragrance untouched on the skin to allow it to fully absorb. She discourages the practice of spraying fragrances into the air and walking through the mist, as it results in wastage and a superficial layer of scent. Instead, she suggests focusing on pulse points, such as the neck, wrists, and shoulders, as these areas emit a more prominent scent when interacting with others. Willow also mentions the back of the neck for leaving a scent trail when walking away.

In conclusion, Willow provides a comprehensive overview of techniques to prevent fragrances from fading quickly. By setting realistic expectations, choosing fragrances with higher concentrations and longer-lasting notes, applying fragrances after showering, using lotion as a base, spraying on clothes, and focusing on pulse points, individuals can enjoy fragrances for an extended period of time.


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